Another Spiritual Warfare Novel Completed!

The Spirit of Fear - Small - FinalOn December 12, 2015, I pushed the publish button on another spiritual warfare novel. That novel is The Spirit of Fear.” It’s the first book of the Demon Strongholds series. This series was previously going to be called the Principalities series. However, I thought Demon Strongholds is a more recognizable term than Principalities. So Demon Strongholds it is!

What next? Now I’m working on book two of the Demon Strongholds series. That book is The Spirit of Rejection. Fear certainly is a scoundrel. We all know this. But did you know that fear has an older brother? That brother is rejection. Well, I want to give you a story where that spirit is dealt with.

Oh, and I need to mention that I have my first box set. Bones Of Fire, Trial By Fire, and Saints On Fire have been compiled into The Fire Series box set. So if you want to get three exciting spiritual warfare novels for the price of two, all in one file, The Fire Series is your answer.

Talk to you later!


Next Book Started!

The plotting is over and the writing has begun!

In our previous three spiritual warfare stories of the Fire series, we saw lots of demons at work behind the scenes. This story will continue in that vein. However, a difference will be in the story’s focus of how a particular kind of spirit attacks a family. You’ll see the devastating consequences of being ignorant of spiritual warfare and of not engaging in it. Of course, you’ll also see the power of God at work.

This book (and the Principalities series) are more focused than those in the Fire series. I don’t have three or four sub-plots going on. So I can really focus on the nuances of a particular area of spiritual warfare with less pages. This means I can get these stories out quicker! And don’t worry. Less pages don’t mean less satisfaction. Think of the big book Fire series as a shotgun and the Principalities series as a rifle. A shotgun shell releases hundreds of pellets that cover a large area. A rifle’s bullet focuses on a smaller area.

Trust me…you’re going to like it!



The plan is to get a Principalities series story out every two to three months.


Saints On Fire Is Here!


Checking out Columbus, Ohio.

Finally, finally, finally Saints On Fire is here! It has been a seven-month journey. There were some detours here and there (e.g., travels, helping my wife with her books, plotting, etc.), but we’ve finally arrived. Honestly, the story got larger as I wrote it. Yes, I did plot and outline it before writing. Still, it went well beyond my original anticipated page count. Nonetheless, I’m really satisfied with the finished product.

So it’s not like the story turned into a bucking horse, trying its best to throw me off into the dirt of a boring beginning, a sagging middle, and a flat ending. Rather, it was more like, Wow, this is good. What if this? What if that? I bet my readers would like it if– You get the point.

The Dreaded Sequel

I was sharing with my wife the pressures of trying to satisfy the high expectations of my readers. When no one knows you, when no one has read you, there is no fixed expectation of your quality of work. Of course, if you’re writing in a genre, you have to satisfy the general expectations of that genre. Your thriller better thrill. Your mystery better ask whodunit. Your romance better have a happy ending. But assuming you satisfy the minimum expectations of your genre, there’s another expectation: The expectation of readers of your previous stories (assuming they loved them!).

That’s where the pressure comes in.

Bones of Fire is awesome. How do I know? You told me so with your purchases and reviews. Then a reader encouraged me to write a sequel. The question: Could I write a sequel? Or really, Could I write an awesome sequel? Something worthy of following Bones of Fire. The pressure was on.

You know what pressure I’m talking about. Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and had a great experience, and later returned for a second great experience only to be bushwacked by a bad meal? What happened? How’d we go from 5-star chef to Chef Boyardee?

Remember the Matrix trilogy? How’d we go from The Matrix to The Matrix Reloaded to The Matrix Revolutions? The majority opinion is that the series started awesome and ended okay.

Contrast The Matrix trilogy with the Bourne trilogy. The Bourne Identity began awesome, stayed awesome with The Bourne Supremacy, and ended awesome with The Bourne Ultimatum. That’s what I desire with The Fire Series. So when Trial By Fire was published, I was ecstatic that it was received so positively. This doesn’t mean everyone loved it. There were a couple of three-star reviews (can’t win them all). But 95% of reviewers gave it four or five stars!

But Could I Do It Again?

The reception of Trial By Fire was so positive that I felt confident that you’d want a third story. Nowww, was the fire well dry? Was The Matrix Revolutions jinx baiting me? That’s where all of your prayers came into play. Saints On Fire was both a delight and a challenge to write. Although it is a long book, can you believe it would have been considerably longer had I not discarded an intended antagonist and storyline in the beginning? We’re talking another 150-200 pages. Uhh, glad I passed on that one.

In Saints On Fire I dealt with issues and speech that is troublesome. Life can be like that. Full of troubles. I believe I’m called to address some of these issues in my fiction. Of course, in a way that’s consistent with holiness. Yet I didn’t kSaintsOnFire_Smallnow how my readers would receive the way I handled some aspects of inner city ghetto life. Would they appreciate the level of realism I use in my stories? Only time would tell.

It has only been a week since Saints On Fire came out. But it appears that we share a common interest in seeing God at work in difficult settings. There’s apparently great interest in spiritual warfare and how this series tells its stories within that context. So according to you, it looks as though lightning has struck three times. Lightning produces fire, right? That was good, wasn’t it? (smile)

Pray For More

Let’s keep praying and asking our great God to pour out His creativity so that we can get many more spiritual warfare stories. The kind that goes from awesome to awesome, or as the Scripture says, “from glory to glory.” I have nearly twenty concepts rolling around in my mind. Prayers and hard work will get them on paper. Will you help me do the praying part?

I know you will. Thanks!

Your Brother and Storyteller,




Trial By Fire Is Here!

Trial By Fire is here, and what a journey it has been!

If you compare the publishing date of Bones Of Fire with Trial By Fire, you’ll notice a very long time between the first and second books. Well, that’s because the idea for a second book in the series didn’t come until one of my readers suggested a sequel. Then another reader suggested the same. Then another. Finally, I began to think seriously about the possibility.

Once I began to really ponder the idea, I got excited about continuing the story. I got sooooooo excited that I began to obsess about it. That seems to have been God’s plan all along. For soon I began to feel a strong leading from God to quit my job and write full-time. Of course, that’s a huge step. You don’t just walk away from your employment on a whim. Believe me, that’s not what happened.

I spent a lot of time in prayer about this. Mercifully, God gave me unmistakable signs of His will. I took the plunge on July 1, 2014. After completing another writing project, I began Trial By Fire in September. Four and a half months later, it was done!

The response has been well. I even have five reviews. Trust me on this one: reviews are not easy to come by, and they are so critical in helping an indie author’s book sales. So a big thank you to the readers who reviewed my book.

Walking On Water

Quitting my job to write was really more about pleasing God and standing before Him on Judgment Day without shame than it was about writing books. It was about taking a life-changing step toward reaching my potential in God. For me, I had to let go of something sure for something unsure. That’s how it is walking in faith. Achieving God-given goals almost always require giving up what you have to get what you desire.

So, what’s your God-given goals? What has God put in your heart? Do you know what it’s going to take to get it? Remember Peter on the sea of Galilee? He was in the boat and saw Jesus walking on the water. He wanted to join Him. Jesus beckoned him to join Him. At that point, Peter could have chosen the safety of the boat. Instead, He traded the safety of the boat for…walking on water. Reader, if you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat. It’s a matter of what you can live with. Decisions like this can determine the quality of the rest of your life.

Is this encouragement to be reckless? Presumptuous? Foolish? Of course not. God is under no obligation to save us from the consequences of rash decisions motivated by flesh. What I’m talking about has nothing at all to do with self-will or presumption. Instead, it has everything to do with discerning God’s will for your life and letting nothing stand in its way.

More important than taking huge steps of faith (which often appear foolish!) is to spend enough time with God to accurately discern His will. But once you know His will, go for it! He will be with you.

What do you think? Is God dealing with you about something that requires a big step of faith?

Your brother and author in Christ,



Do You Like Spiritual Warfare Novels? You’re In For A Thrill!

Eric - Leather CoatHey there! This is my very first blog. I’m calling it a blog, but really it’s an announcement. Here is where we can get together from time to time to share with one another. I know your time is valuable; so I’ll do my best to make it worth your while to visit me. Here are a few things I hope to accomplish:

  • Provide updates of my writing projects.
  • Get feedback from you about books I’ve written.
  • Get ideas from you about books I’m working on.
  • Answer your questions.

Besides spiritual warfare novels, I also write other kinds of fiction, and even non-fiction.

I invite you to sign up for my newsletter for exclusive news and material. I promise not to bug you or to give out your email address to anyone. If anything, I’ll contact you at the most once a week. I don’t want to become a nuisance. If I have nothing interesting to say, or nothing free to provide, or no exclusive discount, or something of that nature, you won’t hear from me. How about that? (smile)

What Is A Spiritual Warfare Novel?

It is a story with a premise of angels and/or demons interacting with humans. The angels are the good guys; the demons are the bad guys. The Lord, as a character, may also be in the book. A spiritual warfare novel can be in any genre. Suspense, thriller, mystery, romance, fantasy, etc.

I think it’s important to note also that spiritual warfare fiction is F-I-C-T-I-O-N! I’ve read readers’ comments of some spiritual warfare or other Christian fiction styles. Every now and again someone will be put off because the writer didn’t stay true to the Bible. Of course, if someone puts the Christian label on his or her story, it ought to be true at least to the spirit of Christ and fundamental Christian truths. But my opinion is that if a writer gives us a fiction story, we should enjoy the book as a story, and not see it as an addendum to the Bible.

Now having said this, my style is to try to stick as closely as possible to the expectations of those who know their Bibles. I write didactically. Just a pompous word to say I try to teach as I write. You’ll notice this in my themes. Sometimes it’s subtle; sometimes it’s a hammer to the head. You know, like the Holy Spirit (smile).

The Fire Series

The Fire Series is a spiritual warfare story that consists of several books. Each book is a stand-alone story that can be enjoyed without having read the previous book. However, I strongly encourage you to read the books in order. Why? Because I want you to see and experience the growth of the characters. There are also characters in the second book that were in the first book. But like I said, if you read the second book first, you will not be lost. I think I make enough references of the past that you won’t be lost.

Oh, and how many books will there be in The Fire Series? As many as you can stand! Presently, there is Bones of Fire. But the sequel, Trial by Fire, is almost completed, and is available as a pre-order on I’m thinking the third book in the series will be Prayers of Fire. We’ll see.

The Principalities Series

The Principalities Series is presently nothing but an idea. However, I have identified about twenty stories I feel I could write on the premise of focusing on the actions of specific kinds of demons. I think my first book in this series will be The Spirit of Fear.

Nonfiction Books

I haven’t mentioned my nonfiction books. I’ve written two: Deliverance from Demons and Diseases: Freedom from Incurable Diseases and Persistent Problems, and What Preachers Never Tell You About Tithes & Offerings: The End of Clergy Manipulation and Extortion. Whenever time permits, I plan to do follow-up books to my deliverance book. They are Authority Over Demons and Diseases, and Authority Over Situations and Circumstances.

Last, I want all of you to know that I deeply appreciate you supporting my writing ministry. As you think of it, will you just send up a short prayer and ask God (1) to give me incredible ideas, (2) to minimize distractions that would take me away from writing, and (3) to help me stay focused?

Thank you.

Your friend and story teller,